The Principle of Data Transparency on Violent Lethality in Brazil

Celinei Pinto Ramos dos Santos Blaschke, José Euclimar Xavier de Menezes


The constitutional principle of transparency is essential for civility in a contemporary society. In the Atlas of Violence of IPEA and FBSP 2019, it points out the inaccuracy of data on violent lethality in Brazil, which undermines studies, prevention and the fight against homicides. In the study done on the district area of Itinga - Lauro de Freitas, Bahia, Brazil, about violence that causes homicide by firearm, there was inconsistency of data in the SIGIP system, as in deaths by police intervention to be investigated that are not considered violent deaths. The application for monitoring violent deaths, matching data from DATASUS and Public Security would be a viable proposal for data accuracy.


Transparency. Data. Violent Lethality. Accuracy.

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