Living in a World of Nations States as Dissatisfied and Threatened Citizen and the Search of a way out. The hurt Leviathan and his Antagonists in the Alternative Autonomous Spaces

Raina Zimmering


The nation-states emerged as political shell of the capitalism. Nation-state was always a product of the different phases of capitalist development. Nowadays, social inequalities grow worldwide, within states and between states. The new turbo-capitalism and withdrawal to national borders cannot curb the negative consequences of capitalism. Various contemporary theories are presented, which prefer to organize the society not by states, but by the community and thus to find a way out of the dilemmas of our time. Practical examples of non-state social forms of organization in autonomous alternative spaces like the Zapatista communities will also be presented. This article was produced based on a lecture at the conference "Living in a world of nation-states" of the World Social Science and Humanities Network on December 6-7, 2019 at the ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal in Lisbon.


Nation-State. Alternative Autonomous Spaces. Social Movements. Self-Determination. Zapatista Movement. Mexico.

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