The discourse of Globalization in Social Sciences

Mohammad Hanif Sharifi


Addressing globalization and its relevance to the social sciences is an immense and daunting challenge that requires systematic attention and profound knowledge. A general agreement co-exists among the social scientists that society has been changed over time and became much more complex than ever before. We are thinking more globally than ever before and it is a result of changes and transformation. The discourse of globalization in social science had always been associated with the concept of social change, and these changes always led society to develop. In this regard, classical thinkers are the pioneer in their thought and they have characterized the society which evolves from one stage to the other. However, we are witnessing that living in cosmopolitan cities our social life and our social space is enormously affected by artificial intelligence, the internet, and social media which connect us with the outside world and make our social life much more interconnected. Apparently, in this global age every day, new phenomena are on the rise which has never been existed before. One of the global world aspects is an economic aspect that integrated the nation-state into a single entity of economic power which rises as a global power. The economic transformation and social relations across the globe are increasingly interlinked with people and place through the organization of work, and the flows of goods and services. perhaps social scientists should purpose a theoretical shift to have a better understanding of these new phenomena which is on the rise, but the striking question still exists that how the social scientists are considering the shift in social theories, and how globally social sciences theories are working. The aim of this study is not to discuss the whole structural change in social sciences theory, but the attempt is to draw the attention of the reader to the discourse which exists in social sciences about social change and globalization.


Globalization. Social Changes. Social Relations. Social Sciences. Social Transformation.

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